Engineered for reliable operations and hassle-free maintenance

The HabasitLINK spiral belts deliver high airflow and their rounded surfaces prevent product marking. The range of solutions includes belts with multiple collapse factors to optimize the machine footprint and a wide material portfolio to handle the required temperature range.
Our spiral belts have been running in thousands of systems worldwide and are a proven technology used every day in a broad range of applications. 

Retrofit or new installation? Think HabasitLINK! 

Plastic modular belts offer a number of advantages over steel belts used in spiral conveyors:

  • Prevent the risk of contamination of your products with metal belt wear debris and steel lubricant
  • End stainless steel “blackening” of your products
  • Boost product yield with non-stick FDA/USDA direct contact plastic belt surfaces
  • Increase your product throughput thanks to the greater loading capacity of lighter and stronger belts
  • Reduce spiral downtime through reduced system wear, lower belt tension, significantly less ice and frost build-up, and quick, thorough belt cleaning
  • Cut back maintenance time:
    • Reduce “run-in” time, reduce lubrication requirements, and eliminate the need for periodic belt ”flipping”
    • End periodic wear strip and charge-bar cap replacement
    • Eliminate steel belt cutting, grinding, and welding

HabasitLINK belts in spiral conveyors

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High food safety and hygiene

HabasitLINK belts meet the most stringent demands of the food processing industry and comply with EU and FDA regulations. The belts are designed for efficient cleaning and the wide range of modules available makes them a flexible solution for various industry requirements.
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Less product waste

Better product release, less product marking, and reduced risk of contamination by abraded metal and lubricants improve product yield.
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Energy efficiency

Plastic modular belts are robust and light-weight, which means they can run with lower tensions, significantly reducing energy consumption.
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High tensile strength

High-quality materials and optimized belt design deliver reliable tensile strength performance and a long lifetime.

Flamskyddsmedel, godkänd för kontakt med livsmedel 

Brandsäkerhet har högsta prioritet i alla industriella miljöer.

Med de rätta förhållandena kan nästan alla livsmedelsprodukter och plastmaterial brinna. Habasit utvecklade en rad modulära band i plast tillverkade av material som kombinerar flamskyddsegenskaper (UL94-V2) och överensstämmelse med EU:s och FDA:s regler för kontakt med livsmedel..

Habasit SmartLINK

Spiral conveyors need to have belt tensile force surveyed continuously to monitor friction increments between the belt and wear strips support, which may be caused by missing or improper cleaning.

Smart Link is the real-time Habasit spiral conveyor belt monitoring system embedded into the belt that performs this task providing additional valuable data.

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Smarter, safer, more precise packaging operations

Habasit is heading to Pack Expo International in Chicago, showcasing the dependable, innovative, and premium-quality belting solutions that keep your packaging operations in motion. Meet us at booth #6149 in the North Building at McCormick Place, Chicago, from 23rd to 26th October 2022.
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Bakery belting needs covered at IBIE 2022

IBIE, the International Baking Industry Exposition, opens its doors in Las Vegas from September 17th to 21st. Habasit Experts are looking forward to seeing you at this largest industry event in the Northern Hemisphere. Visit us at booth #5319 and discover the belting solutions that have all your bakery needs covered.
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Innovation in action at Tire Technology Expo 2022

Habasit tire industry solutions: outstanding quality, proven innovation, and true customization
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Are HACCP rules applicable to conveyor belts?

Since Habasit does not work with foodstuff in our manufacturing process, food regulations do not apply to our products, nevertheless, we are constantly aware of these considerations on behalf of our customer. Since people are frequently asking whether the HACCP regulation applies to conveyor belts in the food industry, this blog will break down the rules for whom this hygiene management system does and does not apply.
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Customer stories

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