Schweizisk kvalitet, vävband med prestanda i världsklass

Vävbaserade transport- och processband används inom en mängd olika industri- och användningsområden. Habasits breda sortiment omfattar allt från lättare transportband till specialtillverkade processband och från drivremmar till maskinremmar.
Alla Habasit-lösningar görs med hög precision och är ledande inom bandindustrin. Vi säkerställer driftsäkerhet och flexibilitet hos våra lösningar genom att kombinera råmaterial av högsta kvalitet med modernaste tänkbara tillverkning och vår omfattande tekniska kunskap.


Transportytor finns i många utföranden, med många olika strukturer, för att klara marknadens krav. Välj de egenskaper som är viktigast för dig och läs mer om Habasits olika ytstrukturer och deras egenskaper.
Varierande sågtandsstruktur
Vävd struktur
Grov textilstruktur
Konisk ytstruktur
Halvmånformad ytstruktur
Ytstruktur med cylindriska knoppar
Diagonal positiv romboidformad struktur
Diagonal vågformad struktur
Elliptisk, slät, negativ nätstruktur
Fin textilstruktur/fin vävprägling
Blank yta
Harlequin struktur
Impregnerad fleece
Impregnerad väv
Omvänd pyramidstruktur
Jink wave greppstruktur
Längsgående spår
Matt yta
Icke-vävd struktur (fleece)
Sfärisk struktur
Sandstrukturerad finnish
Sågtandsstruktur (stor)
Kvadratisk struktur
Supermatt yta


AdobeStock_185215972.jpeg Blog

How to prevent unplanned production stops during e-commerce peak season

As one of the biggest shopping days in the calendar, Black Friday marks the start of a festive shopping frenzy. However, while manufacturers may enjoy a spike in sales, the strain of increased demand can amplify existing supply chain problems. Adriano Parmesani, Industry Segment Manager Distribution Centers, discusses the preventative measures plants can take to keep their conveyor belts running smoothly during the e-commerce peak season.
DSCF0630-Edit.jpg Events

Smarter, safer, more precise packaging operations

Habasit is heading to Pack Expo International in Chicago, showcasing the dependable, innovative, and premium-quality belting solutions that keep your packaging operations in motion. Meet us at booth #6149 in the North Building at McCormick Place, Chicago, from 23rd to 26th October 2022.
Habasit17-07-2018_3A7532.jpg Events

Bakery belting needs covered at IBIE 2022

IBIE, the International Baking Industry Exposition, opens its doors in Las Vegas from September 17th to 21st. Habasit Experts are looking forward to seeing you at this largest industry event in the Northern Hemisphere. Visit us at booth #5319 and discover the belting solutions that have all your bakery needs covered.
tire habasit Events

Innovation in action at Tire Technology Expo 2022

Habasit tire industry solutions: outstanding quality, proven innovation, and true customization
Static_and_kinetic_friction_what_exactly_is_the_difference.jpg Blog

Understanding friction

Recently I was asked to investigate an issue with an installation that was getting too hot due to excess friction. This can be a common problem, and so it is helpful to understand the factors involved. In this blog I will explain how friction is created and how it can be measured.
_MG_8226.jpg Blog

How to determine the dimensions of conveyor and power transmission belts

What are k1%, kadm, and peripheral force? One can feel they are reading a new language when trying to determine the significance of these words, but in today’s blog I will translate their meaning and discuss the implications of each one.
Habasit_Expert_Blog_How_to_reduce_friction_on_conveyors_with_a_nosebar_knife_edge.jpg Blog

How to reduce friction on conveyors with a nosebar (knife edge)

Conveyors with one or two nosebars (knife edges) consume more power than conveyors with bearing pulleys. That’s a given. But we also regularly receive questions about a drive that slips, or motors that overheat and turn off. These problems may be caused by friction between the static nosebar and the tensioned belt. To deal with this, we need to know how friction occurs.
Customer stories

High lateral rigidity of PNB-12EITO prevents tracking problems

Customer stories

Changing to NAQ-10ELBV yields 30-40 hours less downtime annually


Habasit Cleanline with cleats

Food industry applications require belts offering excellent release, efficient and easy cleanability, and chemical and hydrolysis resistance for wet and humid environments. TPO belts fit the bill exactly. But until now, food producers have had to use a different type of belt for steeper incline or decline applications due to limitations on adding the accessories necessary for transferring loose products at an angle. Now there is a solution: Habasit® Cleanline belts equipped with cleats for inclines/declines, enabling the same standardized cleaning processes and shorter overall sanitation times.

Belt-friendly TPU scraper bar

Belt scrapers are used on food processing lines to meet several process challenges. With the introduction of its new TPU scraper bar, Habasit is further improving the benefits this essential component brings to food processors.
Customer stories

F-5EXCT belt with 427 holes for vacuum application


The Sound of Future

The Austrian bell foundry Grassmayr proves that the traditional trade has nothing to do with its old fashioned image. They revive a centuries-old business with a new technology using Habasit fabric belts.