We understand your challenges: optimize yields and efficiency by minimizing downtime and improving maintenance management, make safer products to meet customer demands, and achieve improved overall sustainability. 

Our team has the global wood industry experience and expertise to give you the smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions you need to meet your goals. Here are some market-leading new offerings we’d like to show you:

Smarter, innovative belting
Habasit’s smart solutions to minimize break-downs for emergencies and planned maintenance include new timing belts with pin and hinge joints that take minutes to dismount and mount. Want more information?

Looking to replace formaldehyde-based adhesives with safer, bio-based alternatives? Habasit’s newly developed processing belts, with superior release properties, can deal with sticky bio-based adhesives, while still coping with formaldehyde adhesives. So they’re ideal for production transition. Like to learn more? 

More sustainable
Our new water-based bonding systems for fabric belts give you greener, cleaner, and more sustainable belting. The belts’ superior performance and long lifetimes mean less waste, not only helping to save the environment, but also lowering costs. Want more details?

Customized solutions
Our comprehensive portfolio means we can work with you to create exactly the solution you need, customized in every case to meet your most demanding wood processing challenges. Come find out more.