Discover groundbreaking belting solutions designed to address the most significant challenges faced by the paper printing industry today.

The need for high speed, precise accuracy, and greater output is more critical than ever, particularly as the industry faces the challenges of rough and abrasive paper substrates, primarily due to the widespread use of recycled materials. Furthermore, a demanding and rapidly evolving consumer market adds to these challenges. Our premium products are specifically engineered to address these needs effectively.


We are proud to present a wide and comprehensive belt range, that provides tangible benefits:


High-output operations with optimal control and straightforward maintenance

Our machine tapes are tailored to meet the requirements of specific applications, ensuring high-output operations with exceptional control and minimal maintenance effort.

Folder-gluer belts and printing blankets are innovatively crafted to support reliable onsite fitting, enabling precision and efficiency even at high speeds.


Seamless excellence in print quality

Our varied rubber belt covers are meticulously designed to ensure unparalleled print precision, even under the most challenging ambient conditions. Reliable paper processing and transport that ensure no marking, scratching, or smearing throughout the entire handling process.


Minimized waste of materials and reduced unplanned downtime

Our innovative solutions are at the forefront of resource conservation and raw material waste reduction. Our technical expertise and consultative services are dedicated to preventing unplanned breakdowns and minimizing downtime during the production process.


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