In search of a more durable reinforced belt that would last longer and avoid costly downtime and product loss, the baker turned to Habasit. Our engineers worked closely with the food processor’s team to create a new, customized solution: a strong HabaSYNC open-end timing belt with performance steel elastomer cords and an AT20 pitch. Because the belt is constructed with a full cord complement, there are no dropped cords, and this added strength prevents it from snapping due to minor wear and tear.

Since installation, the Habasit timing belt has delivered excellent performance along with several significant benefits:
• Annualized saving on labor costs due to downtime:$229,500
• Annualized saving on loss of product: $170,000
• A predictable annual maintenance schedule due to the belt's longer lifespan


Alongside annual savings totaling $399,500, unscheduled downtime was eliminated thanks to the belt’s strength and regular maintenance. Are you looking for a customized belting solution offering higher productivity, longer belt lifetime, minimized downtime, and significant cost savings on labor and product waste?


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