Hygiene made easy

Cleaning in place devices can significantly contribute to the optimization of cleaning and sanitation of conveyor belts. Habasit's second generation hygienic CIP unit is a plug-and-play system, which can be fitted on almost any conveyor frame with no need for extensive retrofitting.

Take advantage of this innovative, hygienic, easy to install solution, that brings considerable savings in both the time needed for cleaning, and consumption of water and detergents. This environmentally friendly cleaning in place device makes hygiene easy.

Optimisez le nettoyage de votre bande transporteuse

Le dispositif hygiénique CIP complémente avantageusement la plupart des bandes transporteuses utilisées dans la transformation alimentaire. Il est très efficace. Son design spécifique facilite le nettoyage et rend ce dernier plus respectueux de l'environnement.

Easy to install plug & play cleaning solution