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Les courroies dentées HabaSYNC sont recommandées pour le convoyage et les déplacements linéaires nécessitant un placement et un positionnement précis de produits. L'association de matériaux de haute qualité, de processus modernes de fabrication et de nombreuses années d’expérience garantit l'élaboration de solutions innovantes adaptées à vos besoins.

Les courroies HabaSYNC sont généralement utilisées dans les applications nécessitant un placement exact des produits et des composants. La synchronisation est réalisée en engrenant les dents de la courroie dans une poulie adaptée. Nos courroies dentées sont disponibles aux pas impériaux et métriques.
Courroies dentées HabaSYNC
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Smarter, safer, more precise packaging operations

Habasit is heading to Pack Expo International in Chicago, showcasing the dependable, innovative, and premium-quality belting solutions that keep your packaging operations in motion. Meet us at booth #6149 in the North Building at McCormick Place, Chicago, from 23rd to 26th October 2022.
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Bakery belting needs covered at IBIE 2022

IBIE, the International Baking Industry Exposition, opens its doors in Las Vegas from September 17th to 21st. Habasit Experts are looking forward to seeing you at this largest industry event in the Northern Hemisphere. Visit us at booth #5319 and discover the belting solutions that have all your bakery needs covered.
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Innovation in action at Tire Technology Expo 2022

Habasit tire industry solutions: outstanding quality, proven innovation, and true customization
31-Metric-and-imperial-timing-belts-2.jpg Blog

Metric and imperial timing belts – what is the difference?

Timing belts are available in two measurements: metric (mm) and imperial (inch).
This is only a difference in measurement and not in the actual size of the belt.
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Brrrr but not brittle: finding the right timing belt for freezing applications

Frozen food is a huge and steadily growing industry in many parts of globe, offering excellent opportunities for frozen food processors. But even in an expanding market, production efficiency is key – and having the right belt is essential to this.
Customer stories

Wide timing belt with longitudinal joining for hygiene paper production

Customer stories

Pin Joint reduces downtime at tire manufacturer by 16 times

Customer stories

HabaSYNC TPU T10 Timing Belts guarantee precise positioning

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HabaSYNCtiming belt covers –Habasit‘s cherry on the cake

One crucial question when ordering at a café is: “With or without whipped cream?”. No matter if you add it on top of your hot chocolate or to your cake, for many of us, the white cream with a cherry on top makes a big difference. Just like with HabaSYNC. The Habasit timing belts have their very own cherry on top – the covers. With its range of more than 80 covers, Habasit offers tailor-made solutions for specific customer demands and has suitable covers for every industry.