Robust solutions for the tire industry

The tire production process requires a wide range of solutions from rubber mixing to the creation of a green tire and the final product.

HabasitLINK modular belt range covers processes at every turn of the tire manufacturing, from high temperature applications to handling of the finished tires.

Heat resistant materials

Many steps of the tire production process take place at elevated temperatures, which can be challenging to belts operating in such conditions.

The HabasitLINK product range includes materials that can endure up to 240°C / 464°F - the hottest part of tire processing.

The robustness of Habasit plastic modular belts prevents the hot rubber from sticking and avoids undesired contamination of the rubber band.


Cooling line heroes

An efficient and reliable cooling process is fundamental for the final quality of the tire.

HabasitLINK plastic modular belts are well equipped to deal with the temperature and humidity of the cooling line with a wide range of open surfaces to match your actual cooling target. The different belt types provide an open contact area from 16 to 88%, matching the requirements of the line.

Molded for heavy-duty applications

In many of the tire industry applications like the dip tank, abrasion and chemical resistance of the belt are a key success factor. 

HabasitLINK heavy-duty belts are the right choice for these demanding conditions. Their robust design and closed hinges deliver a long belt lifetime while minimizing the unexpected downtime and production jams.

M5182 Roller Top_90 blowup.jpg

Tire delivery across the entire process

After the curing process, tires need to be handled, inspected, and stored. Initially, they are quite hot and their high grip hinders lateral transfers and diverting applications.

HabasitLINK solutions allow the movement of tires onto the line, eliminating tire abrasion and jams. Robust roller retention system and high density ensure maximum reliability and a long lifetime. More specialized solutions can help in customized tire handling, with roller angle positioning.

Many of the HabasitLINK belts help move the finished tires up to the warehouse. The solution portfolio includes belts which can handle the tires on heavily inclined conveyors without slippage, and preventing production jams.
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