The many advantages of plastic modular belts

The HabasitLINK range of plastic modular belts has over 20 years of proven industry performance. Our current portfolio contains over 150 different belt styles in a wide range of material and color combinations.

HabasitLINK plastic modular belts come equipped with many advantages from long life time and high strength to quick repair and maintenance.

Why HabasitLINK?

Positive drive and tracking

Plastic modular belts do not need any pre-tensioning and are not affected by mistracking issues often caused by a poor conveyor design or heavy contamination. The positive drive given from sprockets avoids any possible belt slippage and guarantees smooth operations resulting in much less maintenance and downtime.  

Resistance to extreme conditions

Plastic modular belts work safely and reliably in a wide range of conditions and temperature ranging from -70°C to +240°C. HabasitLINK product range has a solution for wide temperature variations, humidity, aggressive chemical agents, cutting operations, product impact, high speed and abrasive environments.

Quick repair and maintenance

It is unusual for a plastic modular belt to require maintenance or repair, but, should it become necessary, the belt is easily opened using simple tools such as a screwdriver. It can be repaired and re-closed in a short period of time without the need to replace the full belt. Downtime is reduced to a minimum and, as plastic modular belts do not need lubrication, no additional maintenance is required.

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Suitable for aggressive chemical agents

In food applications, belt sanitation is a key element of the customers’ safety requirements. To ensure high safety standards, all equipment and belts have to be deep cleaned using aggressive detergents before being rinsed clear.

HabasitLINK engineered plastic materials offer a top-level resistance to the cleaning agents used in the food industry.

Longer lifetime

Under standard conditions, plastic modular belts usually have a very long lifetime, lasting for years without a change in performance and little or no maintenance.

High strength

Compared with other belting solutions, plastic modular belts offer a very high strength, which can cope with all of the most demanding applications of the industry. At the same time, they are also suitable for accumulation and diverting applications which affect the behavior and lifetime of other belting solutions.

Wide range of surfaces

HabasitLINK plastic modular belts offer a wide range of different surfaces to deliver the specific properties required. From flush grid to roller top there is a surface that will match the requirements of your belting application.

Industry solutions

Specialized product lines in the HabasitLINK range

Habasit has developed product lines addressing specific needs of the industries we serve. From solutions for food safety and hygiene to handling delicate products and tight transfers to features making maintenance and belt installation more efficient.


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Habasit SeleCalc is an advanced engineering program supporting belt selection

Ready for industry challenges

Impact resistance
Chemical resistance
Wide temperature range
Tight transfers

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Habasit resolves your challenges in the board corrugating and box making industry. Whether your need is abrasion resistance, long belt lifetime, or efficient assembly that minimizes critical machine downtime, we can find the right solution for your application.

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