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Sourcing all your belting-related products and services from the same supplier reduces purchasing and logistics complexity as well as costs. It also makes your life easier. Thanks to our expertise, we can offer an unbiased opinion on the best solution for every application.
Our offering extends from traditional lightweight fabric.
belts, to plastic modular belts and chains, to timing belts. With Habasit, you get the solutions you need from start to finish for materials handling applications in a wide range of logistics industries. From new designs to retrofits, and from installation to repair, we’ll provide you with expert technical support at every stage.
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Habasit's experts have developed several selection and calculation tools based on our extensive knowledge of the industries we serve

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Factoring belting and conveyor components into food safety strategy

Reliability of hygiene on food processing lines depends on performance of all of its components, whether they are in direct contact with food products or not. Habasit and NGI experts team up for a webinar discussion how belting and conveyor components can support food processors in reaching best results in hygiene and food safety.
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Habasit at IPPE Marketplace

Habasit at IPPE Marketplace
Customer stories

Lateral strength and surface frictions overcome mistracking and damage

Customer stories

Elastic MAB-02 for transporting small packages on roller conveyors

Customer stories

Highly durable SAW-5E 13 for Cross Belt Sorter

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The Secret Voyage of your Luggage

From check-in, to security screening, to aircraft loading, to baggage claim: your luggage undertakes a journey on its own and is moved on several different conveyor belts to finally return to you at baggage claim.
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