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The global postal industry has an ever-growing need for automation, despite reduced letter mail volumes in recent years. In the world of letter sorting, the right automatic conveying and sorting systems are essential to ensuring high speeds and low processing costs. Habasit adds value to your business by making your postal sorting processes easier and more efficient.
Our belting solutions deliver low processing costs combined with high efficiency, reliability, and operating speeds. Habasit’s experienced industry experts can help you with a wide range of applications, ensuring customized solutions to fit your needs, as well as ongoing technical support.

We have the right answer for your challenges

Unreliable feeding of mail items
High abrasion, wear and tear
Inconsistent friction
Marking of the product
Electrostatic build-up
Belt deformation
High energy consumption

Looking for the best solution for your application?

Featured products


Machine Tapes

When you need top-quality machine tapes to convey, speed up, slow down, position, or fold paper material in your applications, you can count on Habasit. Our machine tapes draw on years of experience, ongoing research, and close contacts with the printing and paper industry.
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Power Transmission Belts

Habasit’s fully synthetic, high-quality power transmission belts are equipped with a strong and resilient traction layer made of polyamide, polyester, or aramid. Wear-, oil- and grease resistant friction covers made of NBR rubber provide a high degree of consistent friction between the belt and the pulleys.

Grabber Belts

Habasit GRABBER belts are customized for specific applications where product feeding or pulling is required. The compound selected is based on the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance desired. Habasit GRABBER belts are usually further segmented by application type.
Light conveyor belts

Light conveyor belts

Light conveyor belts are used in almost every industry, from airport and distribution, to electronics and agriculture, to gypsum board and wood panel production. They handle general conveying applications such as induction, transfer and check-out, as well as sorting, metering, inspection, packaging, and many others.

Seamless Belts

The Habasit seamless belt portfolio consists of woven endless and knitted endless belts, as well as synchronous and non-synchronous endless substrates. The belts can be coated with no splice or seam, providing uniform physical properties during the entire belt service life.
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