Abrar Mooraj

Partner and Managing Director, Nazer & Co, Pakistan


Four time zones and almost 6,000 kilometers separate Habasit in Switzerland and the Karachi offices of our exclusive distributor in Pakistan, Nazer & Co. Despite the distance, the closeness between the two companies, after working together for 45 years, has never been greater


Like Habasit, we’re proud to be a family company

Abrar Mooraj, Partner and Managing Director at Nazer & Co, tells the company’s history: “My grandfather, Nazer Mooraj, founded our company in 1952, so it’s just a bit younger than Habasit. Like Habasit, we’re proud to be a family company and offer our customers the very best products and service, based on in-depth technical know-how and excellent customer support.


Nazer’s Belting division handles sales, installation and technical support for Habasit belts. They hold Habasit belting stock locally, and perform time-critical trouble-shooting and repairs, plus on-site conveyor belt joining and installation.


A long-term, reliable partnership 

Abrar Mooraj describes the relationship with Habasit.
We have been working with Habasit since 1976Just as our customers look for a reliable partner they can depend onso do we.
Asked to share some concrete examples, Abrar Mooraj recounts: “The first time we did a printing blanket installation with a 3.3 m width, we had a slight problem. Within a day a senior engineer had flown in from Habasit Far East in Singapore to help us out. There was a similar situation a few years ago, and Habasit put some of its Turkish specialists on a plane to come and help us. I know Habasit has my back.” 


Expanding into new industries

Describing the industries his company serves, Abrar Mooraj tells us: “Ithe early 90s100% of our turnover was in the textile industryWith Habasit’s help, ithe early 2000s we moved into foodthen panel boardFMCG and tobacco, and most recently hygiene. Habasit has profound expertise in more than just one industry, so their belts let us seize opportunities as they arise – and create them.”

Abrar Mooraj recalls how Habasit Turkey helped them introduce plastic modular belts to Pakistan.We knew there was demand for these belts, but it was Mr. Umit Yanarthen Commercial Director for Habasit Turkey, who gave us the idea to use our manufacturing division as a door-opener for the complete line: conveyors equipped with plastic modular belts.
In fact, Habasit gave more than just the ideaHabasit specialists shared their vast expertise on conveyor design for plastic modular belts, guiding Nazer & Coto create the high-quality solutions required.


Sustainability in action

It is well known that Pakistan faces power supply problems, and when asked about this, Abrar Mooraj explains that the company has learned to work around these.

Like most Pakistani companies, Nazer & Cohasits own power generators.
But it 
recently set up a solar power pilot project that now covers 10% of its requirements, and 
Abrar Mooraj reveals: “We plan to go to 30% solar – it’s a necessity and responsibility


Industry is growing very rapidly

Looking forward, Abrar Mooraj says: One of the main challenges in Pakistan is that industry and industrial automation are growing very rapidly. 
As suppliers, the biggest challenge is having material available when and where our customers want it. We have three officesKarachiLahore and Faisalabad. But customers are moving out of the big cities, so the geographic area we need to cover is increasing


Helped by Habasit’s industry knowledge and top-quality solutions

It is clear that Abrar Mooraj respects Habasit’s success: 
Habasit has always maintained in-depth knowledge not just of its own products, but also of the industries it providethem to
He goes on: “As long as Habasit maintainits knowledge and top quality solutions, it will continue to grow. 
They also regularly ask us if there are any issues, or if a new product is needed, and we are confident that Habasit is listening when we replySo it’s a real two-way-street.


Finally, we asked Abrar Mooraj to sum up his thoughts on HabasitSeventy five years is a big achievement. We feel honored to be part of the Habasit family.”


For more info, visit the website of Nazer & Co.