An OEM produces advanced commercial treadmills for gym use. The state of the art products require top quality, advanced and very precise fabrication. Additionally, repeatable quality and just-in-time deliveries for big volumes are a must.

The customer needed maintenance free fabric belts to avoid additional lubrication during the whole lifetime. A low coefficient of friction throughout their lifetime was also desired for the new installation of the treadmill belts. Other criteria were low noise, laser marking surface for safety marks printing, and top quality diagonal flexproof joining, which must be invisible.

After the installation, the belts are running as expected through their whole lifetime, which often crosses 20,000 km / 12,500 miles. Additionally, to better control the working environment and friction, Habasit has delivered a package solution with Belt and Slider Deck. Excellent technical support was highly appreciated by the customer. The results were high volume fabrication with repeatable quality and excellent price to quality ratio.

The maintenance free belt design limits service crew visits and saves time on maintenance. The number of suppliers can be reduced, the time for manufacturing decreased and overall performance of the treadmill system can be improved.