HabiPLAST keeps everything in line on your line

Wear strips and guides are essential belting accessories in numerous industries, from bottling, packaging and chemicals to pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food processing and paper. Whether added to modular belts, conveyor chains, or timing belts, our comprehensive range of HabiPLAST plastic accessories ensures a fully customized and efficient solution to meet your toughest application challenges.
Using only the highest quality materials, our wear strips and guides for belts, chains and goods, as well as our custom-machined plastic parts, offer important mechanical features including high impact resistance, tensile strength at high temperatures, and energy absorption under high stress levels.
HabiPLAST Guides

Chain Tracks

In addition to extruded and machined guides, HabiPLAST offers a complete range of corner and straight tracks, designed to be used with both plastic and metal chains.

Besides the standard tab and bevel tracks, the HabiPLAST range also includes a magnetic version that makes chain removal easier and quicker.
HabiPLAST polyethylene
HabiPLAST offers a wide range of items in high density polyethylene (PE) created by a low pressure polymerization process. The average molecular weight is between 0.3 and 8 million g/mol (measured by a viscometer). Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW-PE) identifies polyethylene with over 1 million g/mol.

As the molecular weight of PE increases, so do its mechanical properties, including wear and impact resistance, tensile strength at a high temperatures, and energy absorption.

Additives such as fillers or lubricants can be used to further improve several technical properties, depending on the specific application requirements.

TriboPlus and engineered plastic materials
TriboPlus is a new generation of UHMW polyethylene offering the highest performance in terms of a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance.
While extruded guides are made exclusively of polyethylene, numerous customized HabiPLAST products are available in different engineered plastic materials, including PA, POM, PET, PTFE, PVC, PP, and others.
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HabiPLAST Accesories

HabiPLAST accessories available on request include metal rails in stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum alloy, as well as plastic fixing clamps.