Habasit Holding AG and Habasit (UK) Ltd: About Us

Habasit, founded in Switzerland in 1946 by Fernand and Alice Habegger, is the leading company worldwide for the manufacturing and supply of conveyor belts, processing belts and power transmission belts for the food, textile, wood, paper, postal, materials handling and automotive industries. With decades of market leadership, we have developed a broad range of superior products & services and a profound knowledge base and experience. Our totally customer-driven approach makes Habasit the best provider of high-quality power transmission and conveying solutions for every application.

Habasit (UK) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Habasit Holding AG (herein collectively referred to as “Habasit” or “Group”), a Habegger family-owned firm based in Switzerland with a global presence in over 70 countries via more than 30 affiliate companies, operating 17 production facilities worldwide, with ca. 3,600 employees and Revenues of ca. CHF600m.

Habasit’s “Core Value - Highest Ethical Standards” and Corresponding Group Policies

As a core principle within Habasit’s “Cultural Vision 2020 - Core Values” we believe in conducting our business with the highest ethical standards “Highest ethical standards is our credo; we respect diversity and strive for sustainability in all areas”.

Accordingly, Habasit Holding AG and its affiliate companies of which Habasit (UK) Limited undertakes the Group’s activities in the geographical territories of the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom, operates in accordance with Group policies, guidelines and governance that demonstrates our approach and commitment to core ethical standards that include but are not limited to the areas of ethical behaviour, supplier integrity, respect for human rights & social responsibility and ecological responsibility.

To facilitate the above, the following policies1 have been introduced across the Group and are embodied and promoted by the activities undertaken by Habasit (UK) Limited:

  • Habasit Green Statement and Environmental Policy (implemented May 2012)
  • Habasit Green Concept (implemented July 2012)
  • Cultural Vision 2020 - Core Values (implemented October 2014)
  • Code of Conduct (implemented October 2014)
  • Policy for Gifts and Entertainment to and from Business Partners (implemented July 2015)
  • SpeakUp whistle blowing system (implemented October 2015)

By means of example of our ecological responsibility, over and above developing and marketing technical solutions to reduce the energy consumption of our target customers, Habasit is committed to an active CO2 reduction. Habasit AG, Switzerland received a certificate from the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency for voluntary climate protection. By joining this program, Habasit AG commits itself to the active reduction of CO² emissions and to the optimisation of energy efficiency. To demonstrate and prove our sustainable business behaviour, Habasit AG established and certified an environmental management system according to ISO 14,001 that is in the process of being rolled-out across the Group’s affiliate companies.

In October 2014, Habasit released its Code of Conduct (CoC) guidelines that are formally signed by all employees (existing and new entrants) i.e. encompassing all employeess across the Group’s business model and associated functions. With the introduction of the CoC, Habasit made explicit to all employees what ethics means to the Group via the implementation of clear guidelines for the exercising of the highest degree of ethical conduct in all dealings with and / or on behalf of Habasit. Compliance with the CoC is essential to preserving and enhancing Habasit’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Operated in conjunction with our Code of Conduct, in July and October 2015, respectively Habasit launched its “Policy for Gifts and Entertainment to and from Business Partners” and “SpeakUp” directives. With respect to “SpeakUp”, this is a global whistle blowing system intended to promptly prevent illegal and unethical behaviour in areas that include but are not limited to harassment, bribery & corruption and conflict of interests. Employees are able to anonymously report suspected violations of the Habasit Code of Conduct via telephone or electronic methods.

Habasit (UK) Limited: Effectiveness in Ensuring No Slavery or Human Trafficking

With respect to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the work we have undertaken to date has primarily focused on on our own operations and 1st Tier ‘Top 10’ suppliers.

In assessing our own operations, we have reviewed our Core Values and ethical practices in the light of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and we are satisfied that our existing employment practices and procedures comply with applicable legal requirements and cover the human right to freely choose employment.

In terms of supply chain, Habasit (UK) Limited expects that all of its supply partners uphold and maintain all legal, regulatory and legislative requirements within the country in which they conduct or operate business.

Habasit (UK) Limited maintains a stable base of suppliers that includes fellow Habasit Holding AG affiliate companies and external blue chip energy and raw material suppliers of whom many are members of the United Nations Global Compact Network and / or have a publically stated commitment to complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015. Typically, Habasit (UK) Limited’s ‘Top 10’ suppliers account for the majority of our annual expenditure and within this supply base circa half of our suppliers are Habasit Holding AG affiliate companies that are governed by the same above-mentioned Group policies.

As awareness of the various aspects regarding combating modern slavery evolve and practices and procedures develop over time, in 2017, Habasit (UK) Limited formed a governance group (comprising of members of the UK Executive Management Team) with the objective of this forum being to define the future process by which we will review and assess existing and potential suppliers against a number of considerations including employment practices and ethical standards. As we continue to develop our approach in the area of addressing modern slavery, Habasit (UK) Limited will continue to monitor our supply chain from a risk assessment perspective to identify areas of potential risks including but not limited to modern slavery and human trafficking and initiate targeted supplier due diligence as deemed appropriate.

To date, the combination of adhering to the above-mentioned Habasit Group policies, being a supporter of the payment of the UK Living Wage and the understanding of our current supply chain has enabled Habasit (UK) Limited to maintain the observance and governance of ethical behaviour within our organisation including but not limited to adherence to the Modern Slavery Act 2015

1 Copies of which may be available upon request and / or accessible via www.habasit.com