Hygiene made easy

Cleaning in place devices can significantly contribute to the optimization of cleaning and sanitation of conveyor belts. Habasit's second generation hygienic CIP unit is a plug-and-play system, which can be fitted on almost any conveyor frame with no need for extensive retrofitting.

Take advantage of this innovative, hygienic, easy to install solution, that brings considerable savings in both the time needed for cleaning, and consumption of water and detergents. This environmentally friendly cleaning in place device makes hygiene easy.

Optimize your conveyor belt cleaning

The hygienic CIP unit is a convenient and efficient add-on to most food processing conveyor belts. It is highly efficient, hygienically designed, and makes cleaning more environmentally friendly.

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労力や水、洗浄剤、エネルギー消費の削減により、CIP ユニットは経済的にも環境的にも、お客様のラインにとって健全な選択肢となります。

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ハバジットのCIP ユニットは、コンベヤベルトの内部および外部の洗浄を行うので時間が節約できます。洗浄時間と手作業の削減は、生産性と生産時間にとって有益です。
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Easy to install plug & play cleaning solution