A multinational OEM in the tobacco industry was looking for a belt with attached steel flights for conveying tobacco on a sharp incline at about 45 degrees to improve production efficiency and smooth transport. As the steel flights are attached by screws, the belt has to be rigid and thick to keep the flights in place.

For this purpose, the customer needed a belt with thickness of over 3mm, 3 plies, and at least 14N/mm traction layer.

These requirements are fulfilled by Habasit's PNB-14EYWO, with 3.5 mm thickness and the required traction layer strength. The steel flights were properly fixed to the belt and conveyed tobacco in an efficient way. No tobacco slipping or any other problems occurred. On the contrary, the customer could save on costs and benefit from the rigidity of this belt from the standard Habasit tobacco range, which is sufficient and suitable for applications like this.

The delivered solution served as the best price to value ratio.