The customer was looking for a solution to improve the worker's safety and work conditions in a car assembly line. A people mover conveyor was the ideal solution as it allows employees to work on the vehicles without worrying about keeping up. The movement of the belt allows them to keep pace with over head hanging vehicles.

The M5023 was selected as it is capable of supporting the weight of the employees/robust enough to resist damage from falling tools and other debris.

The M5023 allows the movement of people at a steady rate so that employees can work on moving vehicles without the need to walk for the entirety of their shift.

The car manufacturer benefits from:
• non-slipping properties of M5023 POM with Nylon Rods for good traction
• improved safety for the workers through yellow edge modules which makes it easily visual if the belt is moving and at what speed
• safe and comfortable working conditions for up to 25 workers at the same time on the belt
• belt moving along with the overhead hanging vehicles - the workers do not need to walk, but are standing on the belt which moves at the same speed as the vehicles on the overhead hooks
• reduction in worker injuries

There are plans to renovate other lines in this production plant as well, so there is the possibility to also change other lines to people mover belts.