Smooth operation for fish and seafood processes

Superior hygienic standards, food compliance, and accuracy are vital in the fish and seafood industry.

Because we understand this, we can meet all your requirements with our wide range of fish processing belting solutions. Habasit delivers advanced hygienic design, excellent release properties, and precise

positioning – all while reducing waste.
No matter whether you need
technical support for an application or a belting solution to a particular problem, our dedicated industry experts are here to give you customized recommendations to meet your most exacting needs.

We have the right solution for your challenges

Efficient cleaning and sanitation
No marking of the product
Good friction properties
Good water drainage
Precise positioning
Low risk of contamination and cross-contamination
Good release
Wear resistance

Featured products

Discover product lines with proven performance for the fish and seafood processing
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HabasitLINK modular belts

HabasitLINK plastic modular belts offer a wide range of different surfaces to deliver the specific properties required. From flush grid to roller top there is a surface that will match the requirements of your belting application.

Habasit Cleandrive

Habasit Cleandrive aramid reinforced monolithic TPU conveyor belts are recognized worldwide for their safe and hygienic food processing performance. Proven in a wide range of applications, Habasit Cleandrive belts are available in two versions: sprocket driven positive drive and pulley driven friction drive.
Habasit HyClean plastic belt hinges

Habasit HyCLEAN

Habasit HyCLEAN belts are characterized by superior rod exposure, a significant reduction of hinges, and wide made to width modules which reduce the number of interruptions in the belt.
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The Super HyCLEAN products have been designed for applications where the highest hygienic standard is required, with a special focus on poultry and fish processing.

Habasit Cleanline

Habasit Cleanline belts are known for their excellent release properties, good flexibility, and suitability for nosebar applications. The belts are perfect for sensitive processes where a clean belt environment, hygienic conveying, and first-class efficiency and reliability are essential.

Habasit Premium TPU

Habasit Premium TPU belts have been developed to help you deal with the two key challenges of the food industry: food safety and operational efficiency. In answer to these challenges, the new belts offer improved temperature- and hydrolysis resistance, reduced belt edge fraying, and less wicking through improved belt impregnation.

HabasitLINK spiral belts

Habasit has a broad range of HabasitLINK plastic modular belts, HabiPLAST profiles and wear strips, and necessary components and accessories, making us the reliable single-source partner for any spiral applications.

Other products


Food belts

The food industry includes many different sub-industries, and production and processing steps. Food companies face numerous challenges, not least very high safety standards, plus oily, fatty and wet conditions at different temperatures. Conveying and processing belts are indispensable. Fortunately, Habasit has the right belting solution to meet your requirements.

Extruded Belts

Our extruded belts are produced in different materials, thicknesses and shapes (round belts, V belts, T-shaped belts), with a variety of surface properties and structures. They are highly flexible and directionally adjustable, and shaped to follow the function of the application requirements.

Belt Scrapers

Habasit TPU scraper bar with a flexible tip ensures efficient removal of residue from belt surface.

Elastomer Covered Belts

Habasit’s elastomer covered conveying and processing belts manufactured with NBR or EPDM rubber offer reliable and durable solutions for applications in demanding production processes and harsh environmental conditions.

Monolithic Flat Belts

Habasit’s extruded monolithic flat belts run mainly in short in-feed and out-feed applications, where their flexibility enables them to handle different product sizes with ease. The belts’ monolithic, no-fray design ensures that they are safe to use for processing unwrapped foodstuffs.
pastry buns moving on conveyor belt

HabasitLINK Micropitch

HabasiLINK Micropitch series is designed to handle tight transfers with the transfer diameter as small as 6mm.

Conveyor Chains

Reliable and cost-efficient chain conveyor solutions are required in numerous applications across many industries. Our HabaCHAIN range offers more than 60 different types of high-quality chains, including straight-running and radius/side-flexing versions. Fully compatible with industry standards, our chains run on most systems and sprockets on the market today, making retrofits easy, with no need for conveyor modifications.

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