In this application the bread dough is shaped into loaves that are carried to the girofreezer. In order for the loaves not to get stuck on the belt, the customer needed to use a lot of flour which in turn required extensive cleaning procedures. Another problem presented in this application was the lateral delamination of the old belt of another belt supplier. The customer complained about pieces of the belt that ended upsticking to the dough which then had to be discarded. Thus, the customer needed a belt with wear-resistant edges. Furthermore, instead of having to use flour, the customer was looking for a non-adhesive belt material with excellent release properties. Due to the closeness to the girofreezer, the belt also needed to be able to handle temperatures below 0°C. Habasit's CNB-6EB fulfilled all of these requirements. With its smooth, pore-free surface it has excellent release properties as well as wear-resistant edges. This belt type also supports temperatures to -40°C, thus being within the temperature coming from the girofreezer. And finally, the belt is easy to clean.
After installation of the belt, the company entirely stopped applying flour on the belt, thus saving costs for 30kg of flour per day, 6 days a week (720kg/month) in this application.
With the removal of the flour, there was a decrease in the stops of the girofreezer for maintenance. The customer benefits from costs savings for flour, cleaning and maintenance.