Expert knowledge in the palm of your hand

Habasit has over seventy years of experience in making the best belting choices for our customers in their variety of industries and challenging applications. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise through our media and a number of tools developed over the years to support our customers' efforts at performance excellence.

From energy saving calculation and engineering support to advanced support in belt selection and calculation - we share our knowledge at the tip of your fingers.

SeleCalc engineering program

The Selecalc engineering programs support the conveyor design process by offering an evaluation of application cases and supporting the selection of best fit belts for individual installations.

SeleCalc tools are based on a proven calculation process based on state-of-the-art engineering principles. They offer support in evaluating the best fit of belt and equipment, with the ease of switching between metric and imperial units at any time.

The easy technical calculation is available for: 

  • Habasit Cleandrive positive drive belts
  • Fabric-based conveyor belts: CONVEY-SeleCalc
  • Power transmission belts: POWER-SeleCalc
  • Timing belts: SYNC-SeleCal Conveying & Positioning 
  • Plastic modular belts: LINK- SeleCalc
  • Conveyor chains: CHAIN-SeleCalc

Chemical resistance tool

Granting access to all the chemical resistance information on our products, this tool helps you select the best cleaning agent for the belting products you are currently using. You can also find the most suitable belt to meet the chemical requirements of your application.


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CAD Drawings

Follow the link on the right to access 2D and 3D-CAD drawings on the TraceParts platform. We have listed HabasitLINK plastic modular and Habasit Cleandrive belt series to ensure that our OEM partners have this great resource available at all times. These drawings will help you with your belting projects. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact link in the navigation above.