All Habasit Cleanline conveyor belts are coated with a special thermoplastic olefins that supports hygienic food conveying. The belts offer easy cleanability even by hot water or chlorine-based agents, high elasticity in a wide temperature range, and decreased risk of contamination due to excellent surface quality without any micro-cracks where bacteria can hide. Until now, however, despite their many advantages for hygienic conveying, they have not been suitable for steeper incline/decline applications due to limitations on attaching accessories, such as cleats, which prevent goods from rolling down.

TPO belts with unique cleats

As the first company on the market to meet this need, Habasit has launched Habasit Cleanline belts fabricated with welded cleats. With a specially developed material and unique joining process, the cleats offer sufficient stiffness to convey goods even on steep inclines, with perfect product release and full food contact compliance.

Four different heights of TPO cleats are available to cover the majority of requirements on incline and decline applications, where portion or product separation is needed, or where loose goods are harder to transfer otherwise. By using Habasit Cleanline TPO belts on these applications, food processors can now clean their entire line using the same operation, ensuring significant cost savings on labor, water, electricity, and above all, time.

Hygienic, efficient and environmentally sound

Habasit Cleanline belts and the new generation of cleats feature an innovative coating material that provides excellent release. Products containing carbohydrates come off its surface easily, reducing waste and increasing the throughput of the production line. Improved cleanability also provides environmental benefits, such as lower water and detergent consumption, meaning less pollution and lower use of resources, thus lower costs. The outstanding resistance of the belts to chemicals and even hot water makes them highly reliable with a long service life.

In short, Habasit's Cleanline belts with welded cleats are ideal for food processors seeking sanitation simplification and cleaning standardization for their food-compliant incline/decline manufacturing lines. This solution offers not only optimized efficiency, but also improved profitability – whatever the ups and downs of the market.