A tire producer needed to take out the shaft on which 21 belts were installed until reaching the one that needs to be changed.

To improve the placement of the tire, the customer required a fast and simple replacement of the belt that saves time and money.

Habasit satisfied this requirement with the TPU H Timing belts with Pin Joint that allowed the belt to be replaced fast and easily. The price of Pin Joint was 1000% higher than the standard joining. However, once installed, the customer could replace the belt in half an hour, compared to 8 hours in the past.

There are approximately 20 belt changes needed per year. Each change took approximately 8 hours, which resulted in 160 hours of downtime per year with the old system. With the HabasitPin Joint, this could be reduced by 16 times. So the initially higher purchase price of the Pin Joint was more than compensated for by the cost savings due to the reduction in downtime.

Once more, Habasit proves that following trends and keeping up with specialists bring improvement that benefits the operations of the producer, whether in pricing or time.