Each day, a poultry processor hauled offal and water to a rendering plant in 10 shipments, many of which were overweight, requiring lengthy draining periods. This was due to the inefficiency of the traditional screen tumbler used to dewater offal. At least 40% of each shipment was estimated to be unnecessary water, which caused additional trips and costly transport delays. To improve dewatering efficiency, the poultry processor required a food-approved product that could move and dewater offal, capturing the good meat while filtering out water and small debris. Habasit satisfied this requirement by replacing the screen tumbler with a conveying system equipped with the M5021 Perforated Flat Top 2" belt, which features a 25% open area and a closed hinge system.

The innovative solution to adapt a screen tumbler to a conveying system was made possible by the M5021's perforations, which proved to have an excellent dewatering design. Once installed, the new conveying system reduced water presence by 20%.

Overall, the poultry processor gained huge savings from its new conveying system:
• 4 less daily shipments, with no draining
• Nearly $2,000 in daily shipment savings
• Capital savings on new machinery

Total annual savings surpassed $500,000.

It is estimated that truck emmisions reduced by 40%; water consumption dropped by 20%; and capital savings amounted to 80%.