A food processor experienced constant belt damage and breakage of a woven aramid belt used to transport freshly grilled seasoned rice to packaging. The belt tore, folded, and failed due to mistracking, slippage, heavy loads, and abrasive forces. Each unscheduled shutdown due to belt replacements resulted in enormous product loss, unplanned labor, and continual belt purchases.

To solve the constant belt damage, the food processor required a durable food-approved belt with reliable tracking and high heat resistance. Habasit satisfied this requirement by retrofitting the fabric belt with the M2520 ST modular belt, which features a proprietary material suitable for elevated temperature ranges. Further, the positive drive sprocket engagement granted reliable tracking, and the durable plastic material better endured the high loads and abrasive forces.

Once installed, the M2520 ST successfully transported the hot rice without experiencing belt wear or mistracking. As a result, the customer did not experience unscheduled downtime and enormous scrap costs.

Overall, the food processor enjoyed huge savings by retrofitting to Habasit's high-temp plastic belt:
•$7,800 in reduced yearly maintenance labor
•$1,200 less cleaning and preparation labor
•$40,240 in yearly belt replacement savings
•$1,200,000 in redeemed product

Total annual savings reached $1,262,440.

The customer benefited from a dramatically increased production capacity while enjoying a greener, more sustainable belting solution.