Smooth and reliable delivery in distribution centers

The global distribution center industry continues to grow in line with the shift from traditional modes of purchasing to e-commerce. Consumers and businesses have rising expectations that demand fast, reliable, flexible, and low-cost goods distribution. Our team of application engineers, technicians and joining specialists is here to help you optimize your business and deliver exactly this.

Habasit’s dedicated industry experts can provide you with the technical support you need for all your challenges. Whether you seek longer parcel handling belt lifetimes, higher performance, excellent tracking properties, or reduced overall running costs, we can customize the best solution to meet your requirements.

We have the right answer for your challenges

Abrasion resistance
Heavy load-carrying capability
Temperature resistance
Excellent belt tracking
Good grip surface structures
High impact
Low noise operation

Looking for the best solution for your application?

Featured products

Light conveyor belts

Light conveyor belts

Light conveyor belts are used in almost every industry, from airport and distribution, to electronics and agriculture, to gypsum board and wood panel production. They handle general conveying applications such as induction, transfer and check-out, as well as sorting, metering, inspection, packaging, and many others.
Heavy conveyor belts

Heavy conveyor belts

Industries around the world, from airports and distribution centers, to marble, stone, and metal processors, to glass, tire and plastics manufacturers, use heavy conveyor belts for numerous applications including cutting, punching, and stamping; check-in, acceleration and accumulation; and incline loading and unloading.

Elastomer Covered Belts

Habasit’s elastomer covered conveying and processing belts manufactured with NBR or EPDM rubber offer reliable and durable solutions for applications in demanding production processes and harsh environmental conditions.

Machine Tapes

When you need top-quality machine tapes to convey, speed up, slow down, position, or fold paper material in your applications, you can count on Habasit. Our machine tapes draw on years of experience, ongoing research, and close contacts with the printing and paper industry.

Extruded Belts

Our extruded belts are produced in different materials, thicknesses and shapes (round belts, V belts, T-shaped belts), with a variety of surface properties and structures. They are highly flexible and directionally adjustable, and shaped to follow the function of the application requirements.