Exceptional performance and accuracy for textile printing

New fashions often call for new designs, but the need for top performance and accuracy remains constant. Habasit has partnered with OEMs and textile printing end users for over 30 years, providing
tailor-made solutions using our superior digital printing knowhow and Performance- and Premium Line textile printing blankets for flat screen, rotary, and digital printing machines.

The new options offered by digital textile printing in terms of variety and depth of colors can only be realized through the reliable and absolutely precise positioning of every single drop of ink.
Habasit’s expert knowledge and close collaboration with OEMs has resulted in a brand-new generation of textile printing blankets that ensure high printing accuracy, quick installation, and excellent ease of use.

We have the right answer for your challenges

Wear resistance
High temperature and humidity resistance
Chemical resistance
Straight running
Precise positioning and repeat accuracy
Flat and smooth surface

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