Meeting specific needs for the ever-growing CEP market

The ever-growing volume and high speed in distribution centers require robust design, proper belt tracking, and other specific features. HabasitLINK modular belts are designed to have high strength and easy maintenance as well as fast repair - ideal for potential unplanned downtime.

The right selection among our various plastic modular belts will help us face the challenges in the CEP market. You can rely on Habasit's comprehensive technical support, from belt selection to on-site engineering assistance and design.
HabasitLINK for distribution centers

Revolutionizing the processing of non-conveyables

As the volume of online sales rises, the challenge of transporting irregularly shaped and oversized items in distribution centers also increases.

Habasit offers two types of roller plates that can speed up the process of these non-conveyable items: Machined plates are tailored to size to fit into position with rollers that can have different orientations to change the direction, and molded plates are standard size to ease the design of chutes.
roller plates
sphere top

Controlled multi-directional movement of goods

Our HabasitLINK® M2483 Sphere Top 1” allows a controlled movement of goods on the belt in all directions, even if different from the belt’s conveying direction. This makes it easier to handle packed goods during automated add-on applications such as label printing, scanning, or rejection after inspection. The belt features a unique system of retaining floater rods, allowing the rotating spheres to move freely without being too tightly clamped. The steel floater rods also add stability to the overall belt.