Essential for box making applications

Habasit folder-gluer belts offer excellent folding precision and high machine performance. With a choice of polyamide or polyester composite for the traction layer, plus proven NBR rubber covers, Habasit’s comprehensive range is suitable for applications extending from box folding to tube winding. 
Habasit folder-gluer belts provide excellent reversed bending properties, high abrasion resistance, and outstanding dimensional stability. Their constant and safe grip provides precise folding and the belts leave no marking on the transported goods. 
Folder-Gluer Belts

Habasit Flexfold polyester belts

Our versatile thermoplastic folder-gluer belts are suitable for a wide variety of different applications in carton and corrugated cardboard box folding. They are suitable for machine speeds of up to 750 m/min.


With their thermoplastic traction layer, Habasit Flexfold belts are suitable for reliable, adhesive-free Flexproof joining. This quick and easy joining can be done while the belt is on the machine, which avoids cumbersome dismantling, reduces machine downtime, and saves costs. There is no need for extensive operator training. The joint zone and belt are totally homogeneous, resulting in flexible and abrasion-resistant belts that are easy to fit and provide best-in-class performance.


Main features:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability and precise folding
  • Adhesive-free joint (Flexproof method)
  • Low energy consumption thanks to high longitudinal flexibility
  • Excellent reversed bending and flex-fatigue properties
  • Proven NBR rubber covers with good abrasion resistance
  • No marking, and gentle treatment of goods

Polyamide folder-gluer belts

The design and production of Habasit's polyamide folder-gluer belts are based on many years of experience with polyamide products. These belts fulfill all the requirements of common box folding processes, with rubber covers that provide high durability, good positive grip, and the ability to cope with rough conditions. These belts are also suitable for tube winders.


Main features:

  • Good dimensional stability and precise folding
  • Proven NBR rubber covers with good abrasion resistance
  • No marking, and gentle treatment of goods 


Polyamide folder-gluer belts are available in two different constructions:

  • The “traditional” version with a traction layer consisting of PA foil and PA fabrics. These types are joined by gluing (using the Thermofix joining system). The belts are suitable for machine speeds of up to 600 m/min. 

  • More sophisticated types feature a thermoplastic foil traction layer combined with polyamide fabrics, allowing adhesive-free joining (using the Flexproof method). These belts are suitable for machine speeds of up to 300 m/min.

Habasit folder-gluer belts with food conformity

The new thermoplastic folder-gluer belts with food conformity according to EU and FDA regulations provide smooth and gentle treatment of the processed material, best-in-class abrasion resistance, surface durability, and low life-cycle costs. They are suitable for box-making machines and available in 3 mm and 4 mm thicknesses.

Main features:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • High folding precision
  • Excellent performance and machine output
  • Precise and smooth handling of processed goods
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Long belt service life


folder-gluer belt

Joining without adhesives

Do you want to stop handling glue and avoid cumbersome joining procedures?
Habasit can make your life easier, particularly if you work in an environment where the use of glues is linked to specific regulatory requirements.

Our comprehensive folder-gluer portfolio with its adhesive-free joining system is highlighted in our brochures, which are available as downloads.

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