A Brazilian tissue paper manufacturer was looking for the belt with the highest cost-benefit ratio for the tube winder application. The expectations were longer service life, less tension applied to the belt or components of the equipment and fewer stops for belt changes.

The customer required a belt with high longitudinal flexibility, high precision alignment (flexproof), and ease of installation in both directions. No deviations in thickness are allowed (low noise/vibration) and good appearance was needed to facilitate visual inspection.

Habasit's TC-35/35ER with a high-quality cover (NBR) offers a great cost-benefit ratio. It's flexible and abrasion resistant without losing grip and enables working with low tensions, resulting in a great cost-benefit ratio. The customer benefits from:
• increased lifetime from 15 days (competitor) to 30 days (Habasit)
• annual savings of $4,900 in each one of the eight tube winders
• reduction by half in the number of stops to change the belt

We achieved the hygiene paper producer's main objective of cost reduction. The belt lifetime could be doubled and the number of stops for belt changes cut by half. The customer has a total of eight identical tube winder applications. Thus, the combined annual savings yield almost $ 40,000.