Garantizar la seguridad alimentaria en sus procesos 

La calidad y las opciones de personalización inigualables de Habasit garantizan la solución óptima para una amplia gama de aplicaciones de procesamiento y envasado de alimentos y bebidas. La higiene es primordial en este sector, por lo que puede contar con nosotros para cumplir con la normativa correspondiente a su ámbito.

Nuestros principios de diseño higiénico HACCP para las bandas transportadoras y de procesamiento de grado alimentario permiten una producción de alimentos segura, una excelente capacidad de limpieza y un transporte eficiente en cada etapa. Además, se beneficiará de un funcionamiento fiable y de una reducción del mantenimiento y de los tiempos de parada. Los especialistas en bandas transportadoras de alimentos de Habasit están a su disposición para ofrecerle una asistencia técnica fiable en todo momento.
¿Qué sector le interesa?

Los expertos de Habasit han desarrollado varias herramientas de selección y cálculo basadas en nuestro amplio conocimiento de los sectores a los que servimos

Encuentre las mas estrictas normas de seguridad alimentaria



NGI Hygienic Components es líder mundial en la fabricación de todo tipo de pies niveladores ajustables de acero inoxidable. Es la única empresa del mundo capaz de ofrecer pies niveladores higiénicos con certificación 3-A, EHEDG y USDA.


EHEDG fomenta la seguridad en el sector alimentario mejorando la ingeniería y el diseño higiénicos en todos los aspectos de la producción de alimentos.
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Significantly lower carbon footprint with identical excellent belt performance

The new Bio POM belts offer an up to 35% lower carbon footprint while retaining 100% of the conventional POM belt’s mechanical and technical features and benefits.
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Helping Customers have a food-safe Thanksgiving

Consumers rely on their trusted turkey brands for delicious, food-safe birds. But a lot can go wrong between store and plate, particularly in warm domestic kitchens. Habasit supports food processors with an extensive range of hygienically designed, food-safe conveying solutions for every poultry application.
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Moving smarter with Habasit at Package Fulfilment Expo

Habasit brings energy-efficient, low-noise, and dependable belting solutions to Cincinnati for Package Fulfilment, Logistics & Delivery Expo on July 13th and 14th.
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Innovation in action at Tire Technology Expo 2022

Habasit tire industry solutions: outstanding quality, proven innovation, and true customization
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Join us at Anuga FoodTec

From April 26th to 29th discover the premium quality, innovative and hygienic belting solutions that keep your food processing operations in motion.

Habasit recognized with International FoodTec Silver Award 2021

Habasit received the International FoodTec Silver Award in the 2021 edition of this renowned technology prize for its innovative Super HyCLEAN modular belt. The Food Technology Awards recognize pioneering developments in innovation, sustainability, and efficiency and are presented every three years during the Anuga FoodTec trade fair. This year the 20 winning projects were celebrated during a digital ceremony on 23rd February.


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Uniform belt weight is essential in check weighing application

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Brrrr but not brittle: finding the right timing belt for freezing applications

Frozen food is a huge and steadily growing industry in many parts of globe, offering excellent opportunities for frozen food processors. But even in an expanding market, production efficiency is key – and having the right belt is essential to this.
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Habasit Plastic Scraper enables efficient cleaning without belt damages

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Retrofitting an ambient spiral cooler with Habasit M5290


The World in a Can

When it comes to the world of cans, prepare for the unexpected. Whether it is the whole chicken coated in gelatinous gravy squeezed into a 50-oz can, roasted crickets with eggs, bacon with a decade long shelf life or a tin stuffed with an American cheeseburger, there seems to be no end to the culinary creativity of what you can put into a can. Even beverages are not limited to the average soda or beer. In China, you can buy a can of Bird`s Nest drink, a specialty made by dissolving Swiftlets` nests into a liquid which promises to stimulate cell growth and strengthen the immune system.

As Fresh as it is Blue

“I know what goes behind the processing of these fish,” says Habasit’s sales representative in Croatia, “and that’s the reason why I’m buying exclusively Cromaris.”
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Rademaker, specialist in dough processing:

Puff pastry, bread, pizzas, croissants, pies, quiches and local specialties. These and many other bread and pastry-related delicacies are made on production lines developed and manufactured by Rademaker in Culemborg, The Netherlands. For many years, this family company has been working closely with Habasit, benefitting particularly from Habasit’s specialty knowledge of food processing and its international network.