We all know that sidewalls play a crucial role in preventing conveyed products from spilling over the edges of belts. However, we also know that their effectiveness is often compromised where they meet at the belt join. This is because the sidewalls may be missing or overlapped and secured with unhygienic zip ties or bolts, resulting in product loss or trapped items.


We are proud to introduce the Habaclip, a simple yet effective solution that mechanically joins the two sidewall ends at the belt join. This sidewall joining clip creates a secure barrier that prevents product loss and is compatible with the sidewalls on all fabric belts.

The Habaclip conforms perfectly to the belt’s sidewalls and is FDA and EU compliant, making it an ideal hygienic solution for your conveyor belts.


Easy to Clean and Install

The Habaclip can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring that your belts remain hygienic and free from contaminants. It works seamlessly with both welded and mechanically laced belts and can be ordered together with the belt or as a standalone item.


Upgrade Your Belt Today

At Habasit, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. With the Habaclip, you can enjoy improved product throughput and reduced downtime due to cleaning and maintenance.

Place your order today and upgrade your Habasit Cleandrive and fabric belts with the Habaclip sidewall joining clip.



For more information, please download the product flyer below and talk to your Habasit specialist. Habasit America's service network is ready to serve you wherever you are located.