The HabasitLINK HDS605 RT is the latest addition to our plastic modular belt portfolio. It features low back pressure (LBP) with 13.5 mm (0.53") standard rollers. The belt provides smooth, bidirectional movement, perfect for accumulation or acceleration applications. The HDS605 RT excels in material handling and packaging applications, reliably conveying heavier products without the marking or damage caused by friction.


The belt's small pitch design is beneficial in nose bar applications, effortlessly handling small products and maintaining a seamless flow to the next conveyor. Made from FDA-compliant acetal (POM) materials, both the modules and rollers are durable and offer minimal resistance, ensuring smooth product glide. The HDS605 RT's high-density rollers are built to meet the demands of your production flow, supporting even the most challenging applications.


Key Benefits:

  • Tight transfers for small products
  • High-density rollers for demanding applications
  • Low-friction, FDA-compliant materials


Discover the efficiency and reliability of the HDS605 RT and keep your production line moving smoothly.