Introducing the new EMM-20ERCH-W2 forming belt designed especially for the engineered wood processing industry.

Habasit’s new forming belt delivers enhanced performance featuring a refined surface structure and higher lateral stiffness. These two features address some of the most persistent challenges when processing engineered wood.

The belt’s surface features a super-matte finish reducing the contact area with the wood fiber mat. Resin-bound fibers are easily released improving board quality and throughput. This also reduces edge cupping which increases the belt’s service life.
The belt features a 100% increase in lateral stiffness. This further reduces the potential of edge cupping while still maintaining longitudinal flexibility.

The EMM-20ERCH-W2 was extensively field-tested and has delivered real-world results. This belt will replace the EMB-20EMCH which is being phased out in 2023.

Download the flyer to learn more and discover how a wood processing plant achieved increased production with the EMM-20ERCH-W2.