A Taiwanese paper OEM originally used a Habasit modular belt and later replaced it with a belt from a local manufacturer that had copied our belt design. The copied belt was offered at a low price with acceptable strength, but the OEM started to have claims from his customers because of the weak strength of the belt.

Therefore the OEM customer was looking for a belt with high strength at a competitive price level. The target was to achieve less downtime and good functionality of the machine.

Habasit provided the OEM with the M2420 Flat Top. The POM material has high quality of strength compared to the belt of the local producer. The benefits of this solution include the easy installation and adjustment for the OEM and the end user at a cost-effective price level. In conclusion, Habasit's price-value ratio is much better than that of the previous supplier due to the increased lifetime of the modular belt. The customer's reputation could also be secured.

Thanks to the successful results, the end user is more likely to assign Habasit belts in their next projects and good recognition of Habasit products towards new customers was built.