A car manufacturer was looking for a People Mover conveyor that is synchronized to move at the same speed as the vehicles in the hanger conveyor above the belt. This allows the workers to perform their assembly operations without having to walk in order to keep up with the vehicle. This provides a safer, more productive process and also significantly reduces worker injuries and lost work time.

The producer needed a conveyor belt with sufficient strength to carry the load of all workers, their tools and toolboxes. It has to have a safe top surface structure to prevent workers from slipping and falling. Additionally, anti-static features to dissipate static charges were necessary as well as yellow edge modules to provide a clear indication of movement and separation from the stationary flooring for added safety.

Habasit provided the 2" pitch M5023 POM + AS with yellow edge modules. This belt has proper strength, a safe rough top structure, anti-static feature, and the required yellow modules for the edges. We also delivered TriboPlus slider bed plates that offer lower friction, increased wear time, and good anti-static properties. Further, necessary know-how for the OEM to build such a conveyor was provided.

The solution led to a better work environment for the Assembly Line employees. Impacts, while not quantified, are on productivity, safety, and worker injury reduction.