A multinational producer of high quality commercial treadmills desires top quality, advanced and very precise fabrication of belts. Repeatable quality and just in time deliveries for big volumes are a must. Moreover, as the customer is using its own lubrication, it requires products with bare fabric.

To fulfill these requirements, the belts need a very good top surface grip, bare fabric that works with the customer's own lubrication, as well as a high quality homogeneous joining.

Habasit provided the ideal solution with the NHE-8EBBV. Once installed, the belts are running as the customer expected throughout its lifetime, which often surpasses 20 000km / 12 500 miles.

Overall, the customer enjoys high volume fabrication with repeatable quality and excellent price-performance ratio. Last but not least, Habasit offered high level of technical support and quick shipments for high belt volumes.