A producer of pharmaceutical tubes struggled with contamination for many months and experienced little blue fractions on the tubes that came out from the worn conveyor belt. Since contaminated tubes cannot be used for collecting blood, the producer started to change the conveyor belt very frequently, causing extra cost in production.

To solve the contamination problem, the producer needed a premium quality conveyor belt that prevents contaminated tubes, and features frayless behavior and high temperature resistance.

Habasit recommended FNB-5EZCH-P1 that has frayless edges, good abrasion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Easy cleanability and hydrolysis resistance are other valuable features of the belt. After the premium TPU belt was installed to replace the old belt, it has proven to be a reliable and long-life quality solution to the end user's application, avoiding extra cleaning and costs.

The customer is very satisfied with the new premium TPU belt and consider to also change to timing belts and plastic modular belts from Habasit for other applications.