Smallest longitudinal transfer

HabasitLINK Micropitch modular belts were the first plastic modular belt able to face transfer diameter as small as 6 mm.

The Micropitch series delivers reliable belt tracking on small knife edge transfers, combined with a superior sprocket engagement and maximum application flexibility.

A complete range 

Habasit can provide a full range of micropitch plastic modular belt surfaces, from Flat Top to Flush Grid, Diamond Top, Cone Top and Non Slip.

When the product transfer requires full control of product positioning, especially in food applications, special mold to width cone top Micropitch belts can be used as product holder belts, combining the 6 mm knife-edge with a superior belt tracking and a reliable sprocket engagement.

M0870 micropitch 01.jpg

HabasitLINK Micropitch series

M0870 Micropitch Flat Top
M0873 Micropitch Non Slip
M0885 Micropitch Flush Grid
M0863 Cone Top
M0863 Cone Top MTW
M0876 Diamond Top
M0870 HighGrip