A processor in the wet food industry was conveying sliced mushrooms on a mesh "de-watering screen” belt, where water flows over the produce and through the belt.
This custom-made screen belt had a 2-inch PVC and polyurethane border for tracking and to attach the lace. But since the belt could not be repaired, constant tearing, damage to the border, loss of the lace, and mis-tracking issues meant installing a new belt every month. This cost an hour of downtime each time.
The processor needed a replacement belt offering longevity and repairability. The belt also had to be easy to install and track. Habasit engineers suggested the SM605 Smooth Mesh POM blue belt with Saniclip. This HabasitLINK food-approved plastic modular belt has a ½” pitch and 67% open contact area, ideal for the application. Installed with Habasit’s innovative Saniclip rod system, it is simple to remove the belt for preventive maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. The Habasit belt’s sprockets also offer easier and better tracking than achieved by the old screen belt.
Since installation, the SM605 with Saniclip has performed excellently, with no repairs required, much better tracking, and easier preventive maintenance. As a result, the processor has made significant savings:
•Longer lasting belt resulting in an annual belt cost savings of over $44,000
•Annual estimated labor savings of $6,000

With annualized cost savings of over $50,000, plus higher productivity, the processor was so convinced by the SM605 and Saniclip that they ordered two more.
Habasit’s high-quality, proven solutions offer excellent performance, long lifetimes, and increased productivity.

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