An enhanced generation of TPU food belts

Habasit Premium TPU belts have been developed to help you deal with the two key challenges of the food industry: food safety and operational efficiency. In answer to these challenges, the new belts offer improved temperature- and hydrolysis resistance, reduced belt edge fraying, and less wicking through improved belt impregnation.

The belts’ features have been extensively tested in lab and field, in demanding bakery applications that extend from handling fresh biscuit and bread dough, to cracker production, pizza topping lines, and oven out- and in-feeds. Habasit Premium TPU food belts are available with matt, glossy and waffle surfaces in white and blue, in widths up to 4000 mm.

Key features

  • Elevated temperature resistance: Habasit Premium TPU belts perform at temperatures of up to 110 °C / 230 °F continuously. Particularly in bakery applications, this means a significantly extended belt service life.
  • Improved hydrolysis resistance: The material used for our Habasit Premium TPU range offers enhanced resistance to hydrolysis. The belts withstand demanding steam- and water-based cleaning, and maintain their integrity regardless of exposure to hot and humid conditions.
  • Reduced fraying of belt edges: A combination of special fabrics in the belt design limits the risk of long fibers tearing. The edge of the belt is better shielded against damage and does not require additional protection using a sealant. In the case of wet applications, Habasit edge sealing offers additional protection against fluid ingress.
  • Low wicking: An innovative impregnation formula for the reverse/running side ensures very low ingress of water, fats, and oils, which reduces the risk of microbial growth and cross contamination.