Since packages are getting smaller and line speeds are increasing, OEMs wish to use roller conveyors that are covered with elastic belts in order to avoid slipping of the packages.

Our customer was looking for a belt with a long lifetime and no tension mechanism in the standard roller conveyor. It is required that the belt has minimal stretching. The initial tension must be less than 1% without slip, so that the operator can attach the belt by hand. The belt should allow frequent stop and start movements, while a high grip performance is required and have the ability to handle packages up to a maximum weight of 30 kg each.

Habasit provided the ideal solution with MAB-02. Due to its elastic nature, MAB-02 can be used without a tension mechanism. In addition, it allows stop/start operation without package slip.

The belt was subjected to testing with transporting of 30 kg packages for 30 million cycles. MAB-02 successfully passed the tests providing the needed and expected performance