At an international airport, the passenger baggage handling system needed the trays to be lifted up or conveyed to a certain level during transfer.

Low energy consumption is helping the end user to save energy due to the bow of the convex part of the conveyor. For the concave part of the conveyor, a certain stiffness is required to hold down the belt, while a robust bearing profile is needed on top to keep the contact to the tray.

Habasit installed the belts NSL-11ESBV-E3, EVT-663, and AT10PAZ/PAR. The guiding profile "Lamelle" was used in two different sizes. The use of NSL-11ESBV-E3 in the convex part of the conveyor saves a lot of energy. The end user changed during the last year many of the existing belts to Habasit belts. Conversely, the use of EVT-633 and AT10PAZ/PAR in the concave part of the conveyors saves energy in the Lamelle profile compared to the original Wave-Design. Energy savings and cost savings have been measured.