Verzekeren dat uw processen voedselveilig zijn 

De ongeëvenaarde kwaliteits-, assortiment- en maatwerk opties van Habasit garanderen de optimale oplossing voor een breed scala aan toepassingen in de voedselverwerking en verpakking en drank industrie. Hygiëne is van het grootste belang in deze industrie, dus u kunt erop rekenen dat wij aan de relevante regels voor uw industrie voldoen of ze overtreffen.

Onze HACCP hygiënische ontwerpprincipes voor transportbanden en procesbanden voor voedingsmiddelen garanderen een veilige productie, een uitstekende reinigbaarheid en een efficiënt transport in elke fase. Bovendien profiteert u van een betrouwbare werking en minder onderhoud en stilstandtijd. Onze specialisten voor Habasit-voedselbanden staan klaar om u te allen tijde betrouwbare technische ondersteuning te bieden.
Wat is uw industrie?

De experts van Habasit hebben verschillende selectie- en calculatie programma's ontwikkeld op basis van onze uitgebreide kennis van de industriën die wij bedienen

Voldoet aan de hoogste voedselveiligheids normen



NGI Hygienic Components is 's werelds grootste fabrikant van alle soorten verstelbare roestvaststalen stelvoeten. Het is het enige bedrijf ter wereld dat 3-A-, EHEDG- en USDA-gecertificeerde hygiënische stelvoeten kan aanbieden.


EHEDG bevordert de veiligheid in de voedingsmiddelenindustrie door het verbeteren van de hygiënische techniek en het ontwerp in alle aspecten van de voedselproductie.

Wat is er nieuw?

Habasit belt Events

Come join us at Ligna 2023

Discover how our innovative, top-quality belting solutions can make your wood processing operations smarter, safer, and more sustainable
jkfphoto-Habasit_131647.jpg Events

Moving smarter with Habasit at Package Fulfilment Expo

Habasit brings energy-efficient, low-noise, and dependable belting solutions to Cincinnati for Package Fulfilment, Logistics & Delivery Expo on July 13th and 14th.
tire habasit Events

Innovation in action at Tire Technology Expo 2022

Habasit tire industry solutions: outstanding quality, proven innovation, and true customization

Habasit recognized with International FoodTec Silver Award 2021

Habasit received the International FoodTec Silver Award in the 2021 edition of this renowned technology prize for its innovative Super HyCLEAN modular belt. The Food Technology Awards recognize pioneering developments in innovation, sustainability, and efficiency and are presented every three years during the Anuga FoodTec trade fair. This year the 20 winning projects were celebrated during a digital ceremony on 23rd February.


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Uniform belt weight is essential in check weighing application

finding-the-right-timing-belt-for-freezing-applications.jpg Blog

Brrrr but not brittle: finding the right timing belt for freezing applications

Frozen food is a huge and steadily growing industry in many parts of globe, offering excellent opportunities for frozen food processors. But even in an expanding market, production efficiency is key – and having the right belt is essential to this.

Habasit Cleanline with cleats

Food industry applications require belts offering excellent release, efficient and easy cleanability, and chemical and hydrolysis resistance for wet and humid environments. TPO belts fit the bill exactly. But until now, food producers have had to use a different type of belt for steeper incline or decline applications due to limitations on adding the accessories necessary for transferring loose products at an angle. Now there is a solution: Habasit® Cleanline belts equipped with cleats for inclines/declines, enabling the same standardized cleaning processes and shorter overall sanitation times.

Belt-friendly TPU scraper bar

Belt scrapers are used on food processing lines to meet several process challenges. With the introduction of its new TPU scraper bar, Habasit is further improving the benefits this essential component brings to food processors.
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Habasit Plastic Scraper enables efficient cleaning without belt damages

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Retrofitting an ambient spiral cooler with Habasit M5290


The World in a Can

When it comes to the world of cans, prepare for the unexpected. Whether it is the whole chicken coated in gelatinous gravy squeezed into a 50-oz can, roasted crickets with eggs, bacon with a decade long shelf life or a tin stuffed with an American cheeseburger, there seems to be no end to the culinary creativity of what you can put into a can. Even beverages are not limited to the average soda or beer. In China, you can buy a can of Bird`s Nest drink, a specialty made by dissolving Swiftlets` nests into a liquid which promises to stimulate cell growth and strengthen the immune system.

As Fresh as it is Blue

“I know what goes behind the processing of these fish,” says Habasit’s sales representative in Croatia, “and that’s the reason why I’m buying exclusively Cromaris.”
jkfphoto-Habasit_131297.jpg Article

Rademaker, specialist in dough processing:

Puff pastry, bread, pizzas, croissants, pies, quiches and local specialties. These and many other bread and pastry-related delicacies are made on production lines developed and manufactured by Rademaker in Culemborg, The Netherlands. For many years, this family company has been working closely with Habasit, benefitting particularly from Habasit’s specialty knowledge of food processing and its international network.