New belting solutions for your mixing line challenges

Looking for belting for your rubber mixing line that doesn’t break down or need frequent stops for cleaning, ensures your end-product tires are 100% safe, and has a significantly longer lifetime and lower cost of ownership?
Habasit’s new heavy duty, easy-release belts deliver all this and more, providing excellent productivity while protecting your bottom line and your brand reputation.

Double lifetime, no risk of contamination - silicon-coated belts

  • 80% lower lifecycle cost; doubled belt lifetime
  • No risk of rubber compound contamination
  • Fewer rejects and less waste
  • Operation stability even with unbalanced loading
  • Fewer line stops and less maintenance downtime

Meeting your needs for belting with lower total costs of ownership, less maintenance, and higher productivity, our new single- and double-sided silicon-coated belts are proven to last twice as long as competitor belts.Giving you an 80% lower lifetime cost thanks to exceptional durability and high contact temperature- and delamination resistance, they handle even unbalanced and heavy loads with ease. Your tires and your reputation are safe, with far fewer rejects and less waste, as the rubber mix is never contaminated by silicon migration.

Unique, no vacuum adhesion - PBT Diamond Top Heavy Duty belt

  • Smooth operation with no rubber vacuum adhesion
  • Hassle-free belt maintenance
  • Fast and easy belt replacement
  • Longer, damage-free belt lifetime

Delivering a significantly longer belt lifetime, less downtime, and a lower lifetime cost, our unique new heavy-duty PBT-based belt demonstrates exceptional strength at contact temperatures above 120° C. The diamond top negative structure prevents vacuum adhesion between the rubber and the belt without affecting the rubber compound. Your requirements for excellent chemical resistance, easy belt maintenance, and fast, screwdriver assembly and disassembly are all met by this excellent new belting solution

M2626 Diamond Top Heavy Duty 1 Habasit belt

Ideal for uncured rubber release and cut-sensitive operations - robust, multi-purpose belt

  • Reliable performance in contact with uncured rubber
  • Safe to use in cut-sensitive operation
  • Smooth transmission of heavy goods

When you demand nothing less than reliable performance in contact with uncured rubber, good release and cut-resistance properties, along with good belt tracking for secure and even transport, our new multi-purpose heavy-duty belt delivers it all. And if you’re seeking a streamlined supplier chain for even greater efficiency, the introduction of this new belt means you can have it: Habasit is the only belting supplier to offer every type of belt used in tire manufacturing


Belting for every stage of tire manufacturing

Looking to improve your productivity and cost-efficiency in other tire manufacturing applications?

From the Banbury mixer to the shipping line. 


Habasit is your expert belting solution partner for every application in the tire manufacturing process.


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동기식 운송 및 정확한 제품 포지셔닝을 위한 광폭 벨트가 필요할 때, 하바지트는 최적의 솔루션을 제공합니다. 당사 HabaSYNC 광폭 타이밍 벨트는 최대 609mm(24인치)의 너비로 제작이 가능하며, 유지 관리가 쉽고 안정적인 처리 성능을 보장합니다.

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타이어 생산 공정에는 고무 배합에서 친환경 타이어 개발 및 최종 제품 생산에 이르기까지 다양한 종류의 솔루션이 필요합니다.
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 공항 및 유통 센터, 대리석, 석재 및 금속 가공업체, 유리, 타이어 및 플라스틱 제조업체에 이르기까지 세계 각지의 기업들은 절단, 펀칭, 스탬핑, 체크인, 가속, 축적, 인클라인 로딩 및 언로딩 등 다양한 용도로 고하중 컨베이어 벨트를 사용하고 있습니다.

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