Product Types

HabaSYNC timing belts are designed for use in general conveying and linear movement applications. They are made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and high-strength steel or aramid cords. They are extruded in open-end long lengths, and are capable of being slit to width and cut to length in order to make exact sized belts. Habasit offers a comprehensive range of timing belt products. Data sheet table

Standard timing belts for general conveying and linear positioning

Metric and imperial pitches are made with white 92 Shore A TPU and steel or aramid tensile members. A wide range of widths – with or without special attachments or modifications – suits every conveying and positioning movement.

Timing belts with integrated tracking guide

The tracking guides are integrally extruded onto the timing belts to provide true belt tracking in applications where long narrow belts are used to move products.
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Timing belts for dry food handling applications

Selected pitches with aramid tensile members are manufactured with transparent TPU to run in dry food processing applications.
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Timing belts for food handling applications

Selected pitches with aramid tensile members are manufactured with blue 90 Shore A TPU to run in wet environments. Good resistance to hydrolysis, oils and solvents means they can optimally meet your industry’s needs.

Antistatic timing belts for fragile product movement

Select pitches designed for movement of fragile and sensitive parts. Our belts are constructed with 88 Shore A transparent TPU and faced on the tooth and conveying side with antistatic fabric.

Timing belts for special applications

Belts designed to operate where general conveying and linear positioning conditions require extra strength, better wear or temperature resistance, increased friction, or good hydrolysis features.
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Flat belts for linear movement

Open-end flat belts are available in different thicknesses and a variety of strengths provided by reinforcement cords. Their encapsulated tensile members and wear-resistant TPU are ideally suited for applications based on linear movement with a winding function, such as lifts and elevators.


Truly endless timing belts offer precision performance

The HabaSYNC Flex Belts offer high reliability and precision performance. Manufactured with truly endless cords without a welding splice, these products are ideal where higher strength and precision are required as well as for power transmission applications.

Wide Timing Belts

HabaSYNC Wide Timing Belts offer easy maintenance and reliable processing performance. Available in width of up to 600 millimeters with aramid cords and thermoplastic polyurethane, allow them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Not all products are available in each country; please check with your local Habasit representative.