Habasit Cleandrive lug drive FAQs

What is the standard slab size?
The material is currently manufactured at 72 inches wide with three rows of lugs. We can slit to specific widths as needed.

Can I order custom pitches for the drive lugs?
No. Currently, the pitch is fixed at 39.9 mm / 1.57” (center to center).

What are the available sidewall heights?
Sidewall options are identical among positive, friction and lug drive styles (variable heights up to 100 mm / 4”).

What are the available flight heights?
Flight options are identical among positive, friction and lug drive styles (currently up to 152 mm / 6”).

How is lug drive joined?
Habasit® Cleandrive lug drive is joined via Butt Splice and Quick Melt with a PQ series press. The splice seam fits between two lugs without affecting lug pitch or shape.

Are installation tools available for lug drive?
Yes. We will have a series of presses, module kits and a cutting device (H08D106888).

Can I join a lug drive belt using my current PQ press?
Yes, with the special module kits.

Can I splice this in my PF/PM presses?
No. All Habasit Cleandrive belts require a PQ series press (excluding the PQ-59 press, which is for machine tapes).

Do you have inserts for splicing lug drive on my PF/PM presses?
No lug drive inserts are available for PF or PM presses.

Can I splice lug drive with a non-Habasit press?
While it may be possible to splice our lug drive with a competitor’s press, we do not recommend this approach and do not warranty the splice.

Do you offer a Habasit Saniclip mechanical lace for this product?
Not currently.

Do you offer the drive and idler pulleys?
Yes, we offer 12-tooth machined sprockets and idlers, as well as hygienic pulleys (if necessary).

Do you offer motorized pulley options?
Not currently.

Do you offer lagged pulleys for lug drive?
No, as lagged pulleys are used for flat belts, rather than positive drive types like lug drive.

Is lug drive compatible with non-Habasit sprockets?
Yes, our lug shape and layout are compatible with competitor sprockets if the end user prefers to use their existing components.

Will lug drop into my existing system?
Yes, lug drive is a direct fit for systems using 40mm pitch drive.

What surface options are available?
Habasit Cleandrive lug drive is currently available with smooth surfaces.

What top side profiles are available?
We offer all current Habasit Cleandrive cleats and sidewall options.

Is lug drive available in white?
Not currently.

Is lug drive metal detectable?

I have a lot of the other belts—will yours join up to mine?
No. The special polyurethane used for Habasit Cleandrive products makes it incompatible with competitors’ products.

What tension factor should I use for installation?
Lug drive is tensioned by belt sag (catenary, "CA") located where the belt leaves the drive sprocket(s). A general guideline for effectively tensioning a joined endless belt is to allow for a sag of between 2"-6" over a span of 48".