Lower carbon footprint, identical performance

Decarbonization efforts and reduction of emissions are a priority for many manufacturing companies. As consumers, we expect and trust businesses to take action for a more sustainable future.
At Habasit, we address that by designing belting solutions that contribute to the conservation of resources and reduction of waste in your process. 

Making sustainable products also means responsible manufacturing with more environmentally friendly materials. HabasitLINK Bio POM belts have a significantly lower carbon footprint, with identical, excellent belt performance. 
The only change is where it truly matters - benefit for the environment. 

Supporting your sustainability efforts

Do you have ambitious net zero or emission reduction targets to achieve? A growing number of companies are making strong decarbonization efforts but often face technological challenges to meet emission reduction targets.

At Habasit, we understand our shared responsibility to foster a more sustainable business environment and strive to support you in achieving your ESG goals.

A key element of our contribution is to provide you with belting solutions that have a lower environmental impact. Choosing a belt with a reduced carbon footprint has a positive impact on your indirect emissions.

Bio POM material

A more sustainable belt material

HabasitLINK belts come in over 150 styles and a wide range of materials that match the diverse needs of your process. POM (Polyacetal) is one of the most frequently used materials, appreciated for versatility, ensuring belt strength, hardness, and fatigue resistance, resulting in belts that can operate reliably in the most demanding applications with high admissible loads.

Our POM-based plastic modular belts are now available in a more sustainable, ISCC+ certified material. The Bio POM is made from biomethanol obtained from organic waste. The raw material used for HabasitLINK Bio POM belts is made with over 90% renewable content. Most importantly, it does not affect or compete with food or feed supplies

Up to 35% lower carbon footprint


Up to 35% lower CO2 footprint

HabasitLINK Bio POM belts have an up to 35% lower CO2 footprint  compared to conventional POM. The exact saving value is always calculated for the belt you order and visible on the declaration provided by Habasit.
Bio POM belt

1.15 kg carbon equivalent saving

The use of Bio POM material means a 1.15kg CO2 equivalent saving for each 1kg of HabasitLINK Bio POM belt. The exact saving value is always calculated for the belt you order and visible on the declaration provided by Habasit.

Over 90% renewable content

The raw material we use is made with over 90% renewable content and is ISCC+ certified, ensuring compliance and transparency.
no food competition

No competition with food or feed supplies

HabasitLINK Bio POM belts are made with bio POM material made from organic waste. The material does not compete with food or feed supplies.

100% performance maintained

HabasitLINK Bio POM belts have identical technical and mechanical properties to conventional POM belts. The sustainability benefit of significantly reduced carbon footprint comes from the use of biogas in place of fossil fuels to make the raw material, that is the key ingredient to our product. There is no difference in the manufacturing process of the Bio POM belt and the belts maintain identical, high performance.

You can rely on this more sustainable choice to deliver all a conventional POM belt can with the added benefit of reducing your indirect emissions.

food contact compliance

Food contact compliance

HabasitLINK Bio POM belts have identical food contact material compliance as the conventional POM. All belts used in the food processing industry come equipped with Declaration of Compliance.
HabasitLINK belt

Hardness, strength and fatigue resistance

Belts made with Bio POM offer good dimensional stability. They have high impact, cut and abrasion resistance and are frequently used for applications with challenging operational conditions.
high loads

High admissible loads

Bio POM belt strength and low friction makes them reliable solution for heavy conveying even in temperatures as low as -40ºC (-40ºF).
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Would you like to find out more about how to order your HabasitLINK Bio POM belt?

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