Tomorrow’s sanitation standards today

The creation and maintenance of optimal hygiene conditions is one of the greatest challenges faced by the food industry today. As a result, hygienic design and ease of cleaning are important prerequisites for equipment and components used in hygiene-sensitive food processes.
Conveyor belts have a key role to play as they are often in direct contact with food.
The Habasit HyCLEAN plastic modular belt products have been developed to improve hygiene conditions and cleaning procedures in food processing areas.

Optimized for cleanability

Habasit HyCLEAN belts are characterized by superior rod exposure, a significant reduction of hinges, and wide made to width modules, which reduces the number of interruptions in the belt.


The result is an 85% rod exposure, for superior belt cleanability.

The HyCLEAN package includes a 2” flat top module and a sprocket, both with a unique, patented hygienic design.

Dynamic open hinge design with extra-wide, open links and oblong holes provides improves the release of debris and cleaning efficiency. The sprockets come equipped with a slot between teeth pairs, which minimizes contact surface with the belt's reverse side without compromising the engagement. 

Habasit HyCLEAN provides unique in the market, 100% hinge exposure over the entire belt width.