Surface Structures on Timing Belt Covers

Our structures offer these features:

Additional wear resistance
Covers that provide longer belt life in applications where abrasion can occur between the product conveyed and the belt conveying surface.

Smooth top surface

Natural rubber

Textile structure

Rough textile structure

Closed and open cell foams and sponges in various thicknesses are used to squeeze, cradle and cushion products where design integrity and fragile materials require extra care. Actual density used will be based on application need.

Closed cell foam

Soft sponge

Food-grade covers
Covers added that offer good resistance to oils, acids and other conditions typically found in moving food related products.

Smooth surface

Pimple top


Cone top




Good release
Covers that allow easy product release whether hot or sticky.  

Ultra glossy

Textile structure

Heat resistant
Covers that allow hot products to be conveyed without effect on the thermoplastic urethane base belt.

Non woven fleece

Isolating rubber

High friction
Covers grab, feed or move the product on horizontal or inclined conveyors.


Grip structure

Orb structure

Rough top

Longitudinal rib

Jink wave

Low friction
Covers that allow the conveying side to slip under accumulated load conditions. 

Smooth, non-adhesive

Fabric surface

Shock absorption
Covers that absorb shock when dropping products from one level to the next.

Thick rubber

Closed cell foam

Soft sponge